Feeling Lighter, Yet Still Bloated

Skin turgor refers to the skin’s ability to revert to its normal state despite deformation. You can determine this by simply pinching your skin and pulling it upward. If the skin returns to its normal form immediately, this signifies you have normal turgor. If, however, the skin takes time to revert to its normal form, it means its turgor has been compromised. Continue Reading

Is After-weight Loss Surgery Right for You?

Most people would think that the difficulties of losing weight are only encountered before and during the program or surgery, not after. It could be a rude awakening for them once they realize that weight-loss procedures can be undone rather quickly if people don’t eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and so on. There is also the prospect of excess and saggy skin on their body after losing weight: something that can only be removed through after-weight loss surgery.

However, this procedure isn’t exactly for anyone who recently underwent a strenuous fitness program or weight loss surgery. Those who have underlying health problems, regardless of if they’re due to weight loss or not, may not be fit for yet another surgery. Protein deficiency, in particular, can make the healing process post-surgery much more difficult. Thus most experts agree that for safety reasons, a person should wait for two years before undergoing after-weight loss surgery.

Even then, this type of surgery still has its own risks. Much like in any other invasive procedure, the scars that would result after the surgery can get infected if the patient was lax on his or her personal health. Some surgeries may even involve liposuction, which brings all sorts of discomfort like swelling, pain, or numbness in the skin.

Why Get Plastic Surgery in Mexico After Weight Loss?

If you have recently lost a significant amount of weight from working out, undergoing bariatric surgery, or dieting, chances are you are experiencing skin excess. This usually occurs after rapid weight loss, because the skin does not have enough time to adapt to the new body size. Both men and women can develop excessive skin in the face, neck, upper arms, abdomen, lower back, and thighs.

After weight loss surgery is a recommended solution to your weight loss problem. This procedure aims to smoothen skin, tighten muscles and remove excess fat. Some patients who opt to get this procedure at more affordable fees usually choose Mexico as their medical care destination.

Since the boom of medical tourism, Tijuana, Mexico in particular, has been a top destination for Americans who want to have the same quality of healthcare as the US, but at cheaper rates. The place is popular for reconstructive plastic surgery, cosmetic plastic surgery, and after weight loss or post-bariatric surgery.

If you are on a budget and are worried that your health insurance will not cover your medical expenses, why not consider getting after weight loss surgery in Mexico instead of the US? The place is just 15 to 20 minutes away from San Diego, California and is famous for its experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons, professional medical staff, and state-of-the-art facilities. Soon, you can be one of the more than 50,000 US citizens who cross the border every day to seek inexpensive medical care.