Tucks that Heal: Say “Adios” to the Myths about Tummy Tuck in Mexico

“What’s more, this procedure is becoming more affordable, thanks to the advent of medical tourism. For example, a tummy tuck in Mexico costs much less than it would stateside, making it a popular option for Americans. Before you head south of the border though, make sure you say “Adios!” to these misconceptions first:

It’s a weight loss procedure.

As the article noted, tummy tucks can help keep off the pounds but it is not a weight loss procedure per se. Rather, it’s a reconstructive surgery done on the abdomen when excess weight or pregnancy causes the skin to lose elasticity, thereby leading to flabby skin.”

Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico in Patients Beyond Borders List

At CosMed Plastic Surgery Center, we work hard to establish a solid reputation when it comes to cosmetic surgery in Mexico. As such, we are pleased to announce that our efforts have led to our inclusion in the Patients Beyond Borders list of commendable medical practices.

The world’s most trusted source of consumer information on medical and health travel, Patients Beyond Borders compiles a list of medical institutions, health providers, and notable doctors then publishes it in editions and digital publications. They provide this with more information about the listed organizations, including contact details and accreditation. They do this to connect the institutions to patients from around the world who are looking for safe, reliable, and affordable health care.

Our inclusion in their list means they recognize the quality of our services and facilities, as well as the competence of our physicians.

Things to Know About Liposuction

Liposuction is the most common cosmetic surgery in the US, where more than 400,000 operations are done every year. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that sucks the fat from a part of the body like the thighs, buttocks and back. The fats are removed by using a hollow instrument, a cannula, by inserting it under the skin. Then, a high pressure vacuum is applied to the cannula.

Why is liposuction done?

Liposuction is done in order to enhance the look of a person. For the person to get the best results from the procedure, the patient will need to prepare with a healthy lifestyle like good diet, regular exercise and a good sleep. However, liposuction is also done to treat some medical conditions like benign fatty tumors and abnormal enlargement of a man’s breasts.

How well does liposuction work?

This type of cosmetic procedure is very effective when it comes to removing fat in small areas. Changes in the person’s contour will also be noticeable after the surgery, and improvements will continue once the swelling goes away. However, the full effects will only be noticeable after several months or a year after the procedure.

What should patients expect after their treatment?

After the procedure, the part that was treated will be wrapped to reduce swelling, pain and bruising. A special girdle or elastic bandages should be used for three to four weeks, and the patient should expect bruising and swelling on the first 7 to 10 days after the procedure.