Post-Surgery Care for Hair Transplant

For many men, permanent baldness is like their own sneaky nemesis that they’re never even aware of until it’s too late. The smartest of these men opt not to take their chances and get hair transplant treatment instead. Here are some of the things that you need to know about caring for your scalp right after the procedure:

Sleep Upright

While the hair transplant procedure should only last for a few hours, you should make sure that it doesn’t get messed up during the rest of the day, even while you sleep. Hence, for the first night at least, try not to sleep with a pillow rubbing against your treated hair lest the grafts fall off. In this case, call your plastic surgeon immediately.

Minimize Contact

Try not to touch your head too much (or let anything else touch it, for that matter), since this might disturb your follicles and make the transplant inefficient. This also means a big no-no to wearing caps or hats over it during the first few days, as this might cause your head to heat up and likewise damage your transplant.

Sun and Sweat

Staying out in the sun could also impede the surgery’s healing process, and it could even hinder the efficient growth of your hair grafts. Sweating can even cause an infection when it permeates the transplant area, so be sure to wash your head after profuse sweating.