Is Physical Appearance Necessary?

Perhaps you’ve seen the movie The Devil’s Advocate and remember the line, “Vanity is definitely my favorite sin. Self-love, the all-natural opiate.” While in some sense, going overboard to make one’s self physically attractive may seem haughty, there is absolutely nothing wrong with aiming for a beautiful body.

To answer “no” to the title’s question is denying one’s self of pleasure; after all, being physically attractive can apparently attract pleasure from other people. Meeting someone for the first time, for example, always comes with judgment. The person in front of you, however, will not judge you solely based on your character. Your appearance will give a first impression to many people, and it will speak volumes about you even before you open your mouth.

Physical appearance also matters in a relationship. Just because you and your partner have been together for 5 years doesn’t mean you have to neglect your looks. If you want to maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship, you have to make yourself look beautiful physically because your partner deserves it. Moreover, taking care of yourself physically also gives the impression that you value your well-being.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look good. Not only will you attract a lot of people, but looking good can also help boost your self-confidence, making you an asset in any given situation.