” Completing your Biggest Loser Makeover with After Weight Loss Surgery”

” Bariatric surgeries restrict food or digestion after natural means have failed. “Lifts” or “tucks” literally lift and tuck excess skin in problem areas such as the tummy, breasts, arms, legs and buttocks through surgical incisions (cuts), removals and sutures (stitching). Of course, all these will be under appropriate anesthesia to minimize the pain.

People who have undergone massive weight loss should consult experts to map out a treatment plan for their bodies.Board Certified doctors guide patients before and during the procedures, and take care of them throughout the recovery period. Premier clinics in Mexico for after weight loss surgery like CosMed are accredited for safety and effectiveness in cosmetic procedures.”

Dr. Quiroz Discusses Viable Cosmetic Options After Weight Loss Surgery

CosMed Plastic Surgery Center’s very own Dr. Alejandro Quiroz, FACS, discussed cosmetic procedures that could benefit people after weight loss surgery during the 2013 ObesityHelp National Conference held on October 4 and 5, 2013 in Anaheim, California. As guest speaker, he tackled how plastic surgery can be a viable option for people who want to get rid of the excess skin which is common after weight loss procedures or post-bariatric surgeries.

To a crowd of casual spectators, medical practitioners, and other industry stakeholders, Dr. Quiroz explained the reconstructive plastic surgery options available that can address different issues hounding patients who underwent weight loss surgery. People who drastically lost weight cannot maximize the gains of shedding those pounds because of the excess skin that still covers their body. Furthermore, there are some who complain that excess skin limits their movements and affects their daily hygiene, leading to skin infections and irritation