Gynecomastia: Symptoms and Treatment

Gynecomastia is a benign abnormal growth of breast tissue among men. The condition often occurs during puberty and in men 50 years of age or older. In many cases, men who suffer from the condition look as if they really do have breasts like that of a woman.

More often than not, gynecomastia is caused by a hormonal imbalance in which the body overproduces estrogen. The condition can also be triggered by abusing substances like marijuana, alcohol, heroin, and amphetamines.

Gynecomastia can occur in one breast or both breasts. Although it is not a life-threatening condition, it often causes embarrassment for the sufferer and can lead to low self-esteem, especially among adolescent boys and young men. Continue Reading

Qualifying Criteria: Is Liposuction Right for You?

Liposuction, or lipoplasty as it is known among medical experts, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world, with an average of 500,000 liposuction procedures being conducted in the US every year. Considering that liposuction in the US can be expensive, one can only wonder how many people undertake this procedure in other countries where surgery is more affordable, like in Mexico.

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Liposuction in Mexico: Helping You Achieve that Well-Contoured Body

While it is true that exercise and special diets can help a person lose weight, the fitness journey shouldn’t only be limited to such solutions. Women who want to easily achieve their ideal body can also undergo liposuction from reputable Mexico liposuction centers like CosMed Clinic. Though liposuction is not a direct solution to weight problems, it helps in contouring the body by getting rid of excess fat layers.

Right after the surgery, the patient will see immediate results. The treated areas might experience swelling for about four to six weeks, but it will subside over time. It is also recommended that liposuction clients stick with a healthy diet and exercise regularly to maintain the results. CosMed Clinic is one of the established names that offer safe liposuction in Mexico.

Liposuction: Expectations, Specifics, and Risks

Thanks to advancements in medical technology, the act of removing excess fat from the body can now be done quickly and painlessly with a simple procedure. This process, known as liposuction, is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed in the world. It is done either as a tumescent liposuction, whichextracts the fat from the body using traditional means (i.e. anesthetics and a tube), or as an ultrasound-assisted procedure, which liquefies the fat before removing it manually. Continue Reading

Medical Tourism Invigorates Cosmetic Services, Liposuction in Mexico

“Medical tourism, as it’s come to be known, is a growing trend wherein people travel abroad for more affordable health care. For example, most Americans know that a trip to a hospital within the US is often more expensive than an actual trip to Mexico, thus prompting them to seek medical attention here instead. People also get treatment abroad when certain medical services are not available in their country or if their health insurance does not cover the costs of a procedure at home.”

What’s more, you can even get liposuction in Mexico (as well as other cosmetic surgeries), in cities like Tijuana. While many want to get this procedure to be rid of troublesome fat, most insurance companies consider it a cosmetic procedure and will not offer coverage for it.”

A Brief Look at Mexico’s Medical Tourism

With its wonderful beaches and rich culture, Mexico is fast-becoming a major tourist destination for many people. Indeed, about 150,000 Americans flock to this North American country each year, and tourism is already the fifth-biggest source of national revenue (and will be the third-biggest by 2018). However, Mexico is also known for its thriving medical tourism industry. Continue Reading