Mommy Makeovers: What to Do After the Fact

Fans of the HBO dramedy series Entourage may remember Jeremy Piven’s character Ari Gold commenting about Shauna’s (Debi Mazar) figure: “Nice of you to drop the baby weight. What do you have, like nine kids now?” While it may be possible that she underwent a “mommy makeover”, there’s really no denying that a number of women actually have dreams of getting their pre-baby body back.

If you or one of your female friends who recently gave birth are interested in undergoing a mommy makeover, there are many things to consider – especially during the post-op period: Continue Reading

The Other Half of Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico: Reconstructive Surgery

Other cosmetic surgeries aim to address the negative impact of infection or tissue injuries. For instance, a panniculectomy may be done to remove skin overhanging on the belly that may lead to rashes or skin inflammation. An abdominoplasty or tummy tuck may be indicated after weight loss to tighten the abdominal area, thereby preventing hernias and bacterial infection.

Plastic surgery truly goes beyond aesthetics. Getting breast surgery or a tummy tuck in Mexico from specialists like CosMed Clinic restores a patient to his optimum function and curbs the ill effects of physical deformity.

Fixing the Faultlines Down South

Excess skin down south can be uncomfortable, especially in intimate situations. As a woman ages, the labia can get stretched and enlarged, which can happen if she hasgiven birth a number of times and all of them by normal delivery. When excess skin down there becomes too uncomfortable, you might want to restore your vagina to more or less its original condition. This is very much possible through a procedure called vaginal rejuvenation.

There are two general types of vaginal rejuvenation; labiaplasty and vaginoplasty. In labiaplasty, the labia minora and majora are reshaped to be less prominent visually at the bikini area and help reduce irritations. Continue Reading

Guidelines in Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon

Finding a reputable cosmetic or plastic surgeon can be a really challenging task. You must make a real effort in searching for the one that can unquestionably help you achieve the results that you want. You don’t want to end up in the hands of phony specialists, particularly if you are aiming for sensitive operations like breast surgeries, butt implants and other enhancements.

So what should be done in order to choose the right and the best cosmetic surgeon?

Check the surgeon’s qualifications, whether he or she is a board certified practitioner. Learning about the surgeon’s affiliations (i.e., clubs or association they are a member of) can also help you confirm their credibility. You may directly ask the surgeon or do your own investigation regarding this matter.

Inquire whether the clinic is accredited and offers hospital privileges. It’s also wise to find out whether the clinic has faced legal charges before or if the surgeon’s license is legitimate. You must learn as much as you can regarding the procedure, how qualified you are to undergo the surgery, recovery time, risks and options in case corrections are necessary.

Consult with those who have undergone the same procedure as nothing beats first-hand experience. However, take note that going through plastic surgery is not like a one-size-fits-all strategy. What worked well for other people may not actually be applicable to you; thus, it is truly imperative that you find a specialist who can efficiently cater to your specific needs.