Feeling Lighter, Yet Still Bloated

Skin turgor refers to the skin’s ability to revert to its normal state despite deformation. You can determine this by simply pinching your skin and pulling it upward. If the skin returns to its normal form immediately, this signifies you have normal turgor. If, however, the skin takes time to revert to its normal form, it means its turgor has been compromised. Continue Reading

Body Contouring for Weight Loss Victors

A lot of Americans know and understand the sheer difficulty and discipline that is required to lose weight. Shows like The Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition have documented jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring stories of perseverance and success in the face of long odds. Continue Reading

Chiseled: How Body Contouring Works

Lean physiques are all the rage nowadays, especially since many celebrities are eager to show off their perfect bodies. While not everyone is born with such a body, it’s never too late for anyone to start achieving their ideal body shape. Typically, exercise and a balanced diet can lead to a leaner body; that said, there’s another, quicker way to cut down on flab: body contouring. Continue Reading

Liposuction: Expectations, Specifics, and Risks

Thanks to advancements in medical technology, the act of removing excess fat from the body can now be done quickly and painlessly with a simple procedure. This process, known as liposuction, is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed in the world. It is done either as a tumescent liposuction, whichextracts the fat from the body using traditional means (i.e. anesthetics and a tube), or as an ultrasound-assisted procedure, which liquefies the fat before removing it manually. Continue Reading

What are your Options after Drastic Weight Loss?

Sure, losing as much weight as quickly as possible might be your reason for getting bariatric surgery or signing up for a comprehensive weight loss program in your local gym, but did you know that you will still have to work on getting your body in shape afterwards? If you quickly lose weight, you will be left with flabby folds of skin where most of your fat was concentrated. Thankfully, there are a number of cosmetic treatments that just might be perfect for you. Continue Reading

A Brief Look at Mexico’s Medical Tourism

With its wonderful beaches and rich culture, Mexico is fast-becoming a major tourist destination for many people. Indeed, about 150,000 Americans flock to this North American country each year, and tourism is already the fifth-biggest source of national revenue (and will be the third-biggest by 2018). However, Mexico is also known for its thriving medical tourism industry. Continue Reading