Feeling Lighter, Yet Still Bloated

Skin turgor refers to the skin’s ability to revert to its normal state despite deformation. You can determine this by simply pinching your skin and pulling it upward. If the skin returns to its normal form immediately, this signifies you have normal turgor. If, however, the skin takes time to revert to its normal form, it means its turgor has been compromised.

Several factors affect the skin’s elasticity, mainly the amount of fluids in the body. Doctors and healthcare workers use the test mentioned earlier to determine whether or not the patient has a serious case of dehydration. With regard to cosmetic surgeons, however, they also look at how much weight the patient lost, namely after a weight loss program.

Imagine a person who used to be 300 lbs; months of dieting reduced his weight by nearly half. However, there was one problem: the skin didn’t catch up with the speed of the weight loss, leaving excess skin otherwise considered a tight fit for an obese. The heavier he was, the likelier he will have to undergo the knife.

Weight loss surgery takes turgor into its own hands by removing or reorienting the excess skin to get rid of the flab. Any empty pockets in the body can serve as fat storage in the future, which is why they need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

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