Is After-weight Loss Surgery Right for You?

Most people would think that the difficulties of losing weight are only encountered before and during the program or surgery, not after. It could be a rude awakening for them once they realize that weight-loss procedures can be undone rather quickly if people don’t eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and so on. There is also the prospect of excess and saggy skin on their body after losing weight: something that can only be removed through after-weight loss surgery.

However, this procedure isn’t exactly for anyone who recently underwent a strenuous fitness program or weight loss surgery. Those who have underlying health problems, regardless of if they’re due to weight loss or not, may not be fit for yet another surgery. Protein deficiency, in particular, can make the healing process post-surgery much more difficult. Thus most experts agree that for safety reasons, a person should wait for two years before undergoing after-weight loss surgery.

Even then, this type of surgery still has its own risks. Much like in any other invasive procedure, the scars that would result after the surgery can get infected if the patient was lax on his or her personal health. Some surgeries may even involve liposuction, which brings all sorts of discomfort like swelling, pain, or numbness in the skin.

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